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Eva Català Group

Eva Català Group is a musical collective made up of artists deeply connected to their cultural heritage, who share a creative soul with an eye towards the future. This results in a sonic universe where modern jazz is influenced by global rhythmic elements.


Among them are musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, with collaborations from important figures on the national and international scene such as Perico Sambeat, Yoel Páez and Albert Palau.

Eva Català: drums

Maite Arregi: piano & keyboards

Brian Aching: electric guitar

Julio Marín: tenor saxophone & clarinet

Miquel Àlvarez: double bass

Manos Stratis Trio

Manos Stratis Trio, is a musical collective based in Valencia, Spain. Their original compositions are inspired from Western Jazz musical structures and improvisation, amalgamated with Middle Eastern modes and rhythms.

Eva Català: vibraphone

Manos Stratis: double bass

Victor Goldsmidt: drums

Julio Marín 4tet

The group led by the clarinetist and saxophonist Julio Marín proposes a sonic universe in which their original compositions navigate between jazz and some Afro-Cuban rhythms. Always from an open perspective typical of the XXI century, in which styles are mixed and blurred in favor of music.

Eva Català: drums & percussion

Julio Marin: tenor/alto saxophone & Bb/bass clarinet

Josep Pou: piano

Manos Stratis: double bass


MarcO Poingt Trio

As a creative artist, Marc O. Poingt considers himself an explorer of the art of jazz piano, mixing elements of rock, classical music and jazz, but with his own style that also incorporates Latin rhythms.

Eva Català: drums

Marc Olivier Poingt: piano

Brandon Atwell: electric bass

Eva Català Afro-Cuban 6tet

Contempoary Latin-jazz.

Eva Català: drums & percussion

Yoel Páez: drums & percussion

Julio Marín: tenor saxophone & clarinet

Dariel Peniazek: electric guitar & tres

Arnau Torné: electric bass

Simone Delgado: voice

Juan Munguía 5tet

Latin Jazz quintet lead by the famous cuban trumpet player Juan Munguía.

Eva Català: drums & percussion

Juan Munguía: trumpet

Lolo García: tenor sax, soprano sax & flute

Santiago Bertel: piano

Amadeu Adell: upright bass, electric bass

"Empatía": Kontxi Lorente & Latino Blanco feat. Eva Català

Repertoire full of original songs and covers of precious standards. The unique sound of this duo is surrounded by the percussions of the very young and talented Eva Català. This project has recently toured Venezuela, invited by the Spanish Embassy and the European Union.

Aldapeko Basque Latin Jazz

Project lead by arranger, pianist and trombonist Imanol Iribarren, consists of the Folkloric music from the Basque Country through the languages of Jazz and Latin-American music.

Eva Català: percussion

Imanol Iribarren: piano & arrangements

Manu Pinzón: drums

Patricia Mancheño: electric bass

Peio Irigoien: txistu & trumpet

Asier Ardaiz: lead trumpet

Álvaro Jarauta: trombone

Íñigo Corao: trombone

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