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Throughout her carreer, Eva has collaborated and recorded in album of many different styles.

Aldapeko Basque Latin Jazz: "Iri Barrenetik" (2021)

Arrangements of traditional songs from the Basque Country into the Latin Jazz language. Lead by pianist/trombonist & arranger Imanol Iribarren.

Carraixet: "Carraixet 50 anys" (2022)

Founded in 1972, is the oldest active band of the Valencian Community (Spain). Their repertoire consists of the connection of the valencian folklore with the rest of the Mediterranean region.

Niu Grup: Premis Carles Santos IV (2021)

Niu Grup is born after the comission of the Valencian Institute of Culture to arrange and change the style of popular spanish songs to be played in the Carles Santos' Awards Gala, in 2021 and 2022.

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